On a lazy summer evening, nature is disturbed by a gigantic white limousine racing through its serenity. It takes us to a venue, where we witness the warm-up routine of a pop star in the moments before a big show. All the while, a mystical voice shares his thoughts on the process.

Writer/director Folkert Verdoorn wanted to explore the idea of “a pop star that is obviously worn out and lived by the system, but keeps on doing what he does. Day after day, night after night he faces his fans and portrays the role of a modern messiah. All the while a mystical voice pushes him to the limits of its capabilities.” Verdoorn says we can take it as literally or as metaphorically as we please, “either way it’s about our search for ‘something’ in this strange life, as we’re all searching for something in the end”.


Written and directed by Folkert Verdoorn
The soundtrack is written, performed and produced by Raven Artson
Mixed by Pieter Vonk
Starring Zac Zallion – Raven Artson
Manager – Pascal Deelstra
Assistant – Cindy Wijdenbosch, Marion Traas, Daniel Hillel-Tuch
Label Manager – Bert Apeldoorn
Caretaker – Henry Kalb, Eddy Gun
Guard – Don Alphonso, Alex van Nassau
Stage Manager – Jules Thijssen, Eli Thorne
TV Cameraman – Guus Heemskerk
Paparazzo – Joshua Rubin
Make-Up Assistant – Laura Schaay
Cinematographer – Boas van Milligen Bielke
1st AD – Jurriën van der Wal
Assistant Director – Daniël de Vries
1st AC + Focus Puller – Kelly Steen, Daniël Jaspers
Movi Operator – Ben de Graaf
Trinity Operator – Jasper van Gheuvele
Production Design – Liz Kooij
Gaffer – Berend Holtkamp
Bestboy – Cor Booij en Nina Kleinstra
Lights – Tim Zenther, Guus Heemskerk
Sound – Sofie van der Meer
Styling Zac – Benjamin Aerts
Styling – Koosje Janssen
Special Make Up – Rob Hillenbrink
Make Up – Denise Boon & Kira Kroegman
Health & Safety Manager – Tim Padding
Figuration Coordinator – Emma Valk
Casting Agency – Sjouer
Casting Casting Director – André Sjouerman, Rozanne van Boxtel
Edit – Emiel Nuninga
VFX – Supercontinent
VFX Supervisor – Mario Bertsch
VFX Producer – Maximilian Becht
VFX Artist – Pascal Schelbli, Maximilian Auer, Bennet Meyer, Maksym
Osmolovskyi, Johannes Lübke
Composting – Philip Huis in ‘t Veld
Grading – Ruben Labree
Title Design – Dominique van Rhee

Title Animation – Jakob Roques
Voice-Over – Michael Krass
Sound Design – Daniel Berends
Sound Mix – Jaap Wajer
Producer – Bandit Production
Leader – Hannah Padding
Production Assistant – Kees-Jan van Mourik
Production VPRO – Jeroen Mondria
Editor-In-Chief – Assumpta Heidemeijer
Editor – Kasper van Alphen
Thank You – De Ontmoeting, Camera Rentals, Maloney Media, Concertgebouw, Teije
Sas, Cake Film, Le Berg, De Grot, The Compound, Ezra Xenos, Tobias Corba, Sander
Bakker, Leon Bruynen, Menno Pals, DDB Lighting, Rutger van Leeuwen, Loudness
The Performer is a film of VPRO Dorst in co-production with Bandit i.c.w. De

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