“SKINDEEP” is an emotive animated short film, directed by YUCA, Edi, and YOUTH, that brings race-based trauma to the surface. It was co-written with Dr. Robert Carter Ph.D. Psychologist and Professor of Psychology and Education at Columbia University and in partnership with EMPOWHER NY and Ingrid Silva.

All characters were created and developed by black female illustrators, who shared their experiences and talent to bring the characters to life. Then each frame was made in watercolor, resulting in more than 1600 manual paintings. Thousands of newspaper articles about racial discrimination, from the 1920s to today, were the canvases for this animation. To further reinforce the “watery atmosphere” of the film, inspired by the tears of victims of race-based trauma, the filmmakers developed a new technique by capturing the reflection of each frame through the movement of the water in a small aquarium.

Even 100 years of news stories barely began to uncover the devastating consequences of racial hostility. This film was inspired by real events. Race-based traumatic stress is real.
The injury is real.



Agency: The Bloc
Client: EMPOWHER NY Production
Company: The Youth Post: COLOSSAL

Directed by: YUCA, Edi and YOUTH
Editor: Leonardo Salomão and João Machado

Character Concept Illustrators: Marília Mafé, Marília Marz, Ana Cardoso, Che Marcheti, Eve Queiróz, Bárbara Quintino, Alexandra Calisto de Carvalho and Brunna Mancuso.

Screenplay: The Bloc in collaboration with Daniella Schuarts, Edi, Eduardo Lubiazi, Leonardo Salomão, Renan Molin, Eduardo Rosa and João Machado.

Graphic Design: Giulia Fagundes
Concept Art Production: Pedro, Pastel & Besouro
Executive Producer: Eduardo Lubiazi

Head of Art: João Machado
Line Producer: Daniel Maia Production
Coordinator: Lu Krasa
Concept Art: Pedro, Pastel & Besouro
Art Director: Eduardo Rosa
Art Coordinator: Lucia Angélica, Fernanda Correa
Storyboard: Davi Maciel
Concept Artists: Fernando Nas, Douglas Lopes, Robson Vilalba, Diox, Diogo Saraiva.
Animation Director: YUCA and COLOSSAL
Lead Animators: Pedro Peluso, Bruno Brasil, Natália Faria
Animators: Danila Ribeiro, Ivanildo Soares, Fhilipe Marmori, Milena Batalha, Josias Bosio, Gui Klein, Alexandre Barreto da Silva, Bruno Cavalcanti, Fernando Rangel, Guilherme Soares, João Bosio, Marcio ‘MOA” Perrella jr, Robson Vilalba, Thiago Geremias
Watercolor Studio: Ateliê 39
Watercolor Artists: Ana Beatriz Artigas, Eloisa Fenato, Lavalle, Raro de Oliveira, Taynara Marques, João Paulo de Carvalho
Director of Photography: Yuri Maranhão
Still photographer: Diego Cagnato
Production Assistant: Aline Buzi
Color Grading: COLOSSAL
Motion Graphics: Marcos Rigobello
Compositing: Diogo Gameiro, Junior Spinella, Diego Morone, Lucas Gennaro, Diogo Castro, Ana Luiza Rodrigues, Leonardo Salomão, João Machado, Marcos Rigobello.
Music Production Company: Jamute
Music Producers: James Pedrozo Pinto, Thiago Lester
Executive Producer: Alejandro Ramos Lepez
Sound Engineers: Otavio Bertolo, Fernanda Galetti, Rafael Laurenti
Production Coordinators: Julianna Zuppo, Leo Vieira
Characters VO:
Dominique: Micha Logan
Jen: Grace Taylor
Coach: Susan O’Doherty
Older Woman Specter: Judy Lewis Man Specter: Michael Sailors Professor Specter: Kaizo Kim Mom Specter: Sandra Nelson Little Girl Specter: Piper Sobel Intro Speaker: Dr. Macheo Payne

Music Credits: Dog Eat Dog World
Artist: Alexis P Suter Band
Composer: Michael Louis
Producer: Vicki Bell, Michael Louis, Ray Grappone, Alexis P Suter
Publisher: Miss Vicki Music, ASCAP, Nipsyco, BMI
Copyright Hipbone Records 2019
Agency: The Bloc
Chief Creative Officer: Bernardo Romero
SVP, Creative Director: Kim Barke
VP, Creative Director: Andrea Bistany
VP, Creative Director: Amy Fortunato
VP, Group Copy Supervisor: Jesse Lee
Group Copy Supervisor: Grace Taylor
Art Supervisor: Lily Liu
Senior Copywriter: Ysabel Cacho
VP, Executive Producer: Craig Kabrhel
Producer: Andres Libreros
Casting Director: Francesco Raffo
EVP, Integrated Strategy: Antoinette Bobbitt
VP, Director Strategic Planning: Katie Hew
VP, Senior Director, Engagement Strategy: Allison Winfield
SVP, Digital Experience: Franklin Williams
Project Manager: Markita Cummings
VP, Director of Operations and Editorial Services: Tim Prairie
Senior Medical Editor: Susan Kurowski
Expert Consultants: Dr. Robert Carter, Jacquelyn Ogorchukwu, Nick Mwaluko, Alexis P. Suter, Victoria Bel
Special Thanks:
Ingrid Silva, Carmella Vecchione, Elizabeth Ekpenyong, Dr. Robert Carter, Jacquelyn Ogorchukwu, Nick Mwaluko, Alexis P. Suter, Victoria Bel, Renan Molin, Guma Nutinski, Vitor Lablab, Ateliê 39, Red Mamut, Locall Cwb, Gabriela Sousa, Marcio Lovato, Rachel Tamashiro, Milena Batalha, Bruno Romã, Leonardo Mariani and Daniel Bruson for the inspiring work.

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