Four distinct women in Central Florida form a bond over crickets, superworms, and roaches on an insect farm in the small town of LaBelle. The farm serves as the background to this character-led documentary focused on community members who’ve come to insect farming with disparate motivations–including economic opportunity, reimagining the future of food, and the love and caretaking of the bugs themselves. Watch “Bug Farm” directed by Lydia Cornett.



Director and Editor: Lydia Cornett
Producers: Brit Fryer and Sean Weiner
Cinematography: Kervin Marseille
Sound: Lucy Adams
Sound Mixing and Sound Design: Micah Garrido
Colorist: Susi Dollnig
Additional Color: Justin Drobinski
Title Design: Susan Kineke, Erica Mercer, Victoria Fuks

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