A profile of a Long Beach roller skater named Andi, who shares her journey of shedding false identities and the value of finding a safe space among found family in order to grow past trauma. Directed and edited by Julia Kupiec.



Director / Editor: Julia Kupiec
Production Company: rubbertape
Producers: Jonas Berry, Owen Lazur, Samson Jeter
DP: Ace Buckley
Steadicam Op: Ace Ramirez
1st AC: Zed Dally
Colorist: Jared Rosenthal
Sound Design: Nikolay Antonov

Featuring: Andrea Brewer, April Osorno, Sean Holahan

Joey Purp “Elastic”
Gia Margaret “Smoke”
Anna Mieke “Warped Window”
Original Compositions by Jonas Berry

Special Thanks:
Nina Gofur, Linda Wu, Dylan J. Edwards, Seth Epstein, Ann Kale, Robert Kupiec

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