We’ve got a soft spot for old people professing their love through dance so we obviously enjoyed this one for Golden Ears from director Evan Bourque. An elderly nomad attempts to win the heart of a woman he sees in a diner.


Music by: Golden Ears

Lead: Raymond Kwong
Lady in diner: Susanna Bell-Irving Gray
Diner host: Liz Burns
Dance instructor: Kezia Rosen

Directed by: Evan Bourque
Produced by: Josh Huculiak
DP: Caleb Ford
1st AC: Sam Barringer
2nd AC: Bess Teague
Gaffer: Brian Johnson
Grip / Lighting: Darcy Way
Production Design: Megan Macaulay

Additional Support: Brendan Zap
Patrick Menard
Jason Craig

Post production: Evan Bourque
Colour: Sam Gilling

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