Antonio José Martínez Palacios was going to be the biggest Spanish musician of the 20th Century. Unfortunately, he was incarcerated and executed without a trial at the age of 33, at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War, with an unfinished vast body of work.

Director Jamie Dezcallar and Marco Flores dance company pay homage to Palacios through dance and film.


Director: Jaime Dezcallar
Choreographer: Marco Flores
Produced by: Miquel Santín, Jaime Dezcallar, Iván Smith
Dancers: Marco Flores, Marina Paje, Jesús Hinojosa, Alejandra de Castro, Almudena Roca, David Acero
Original Music by Tagore González based on ¡Ay, amante mío! by Antonio José
DoP: Enrique Millán Fuentes-Guerra
Movi: Diego Comendador
1st AC: Antonio Albalate
2nd AC: Fernando Mendoza
G&E: Jimmy Serratosa, Hector S. Aguado, Jorge Quilez
Costume Design: Sabrina Lázaro
Art Direction: Rami Arda, Ali Sánchez
Hair&Make Up: Miriam Collar
Sound Recording: Raúl Valdés
Editing: Enrique Millán & Jaime Dezcallar
Credits: Guille Guerrero
Color: Dani Aránega (Gradepunk)
Sound mixing: Tomás Virgós Navarro (Reseda Media)
1st AD: Fran Agulló
Production: David Oeo, Pablo Pou
Camera: Lenso Films
Light: Gecisa & La Via Nivel
Transports: Arizmendi
Production materials: The Client
Catering: JBFood
LA COSTA & Compañía Marco Flores

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