This poetic visual for Sansara’s “We Will Become Better” (featuring Felix Bondarev) tells the story of lovers who are separated not only by distance but also by circumstances. Russia’s anti-gay laws and mainstream homophobia mean that their relationship is threatened by violence, and now even the constitution. Written by Evgeny Primachenko and Andzej Gavriss (who also directed it).



Agency Voskhod @voskhodagency

Production Daddy’s film, Spot

Directed by Andzej Gavriss @andzejgavriss

Story by Evgeny Primachenko @evgeny_primachenko

Written by Evgeny Primachenko, Andzej Gavriss

DP Andrey Nikolaev @kefirux

Production Designer Julija Fricsone-Gavriss @julijafricsone

Creative Director Evgeny Primachenko

Line producer Alexandra Galius @alexandragalius

Executive producer Egor Solomatin @intelligence_service, Marizov Mikhail @marizov, Evgeny Primachenko

Associate Producer Gijs Determeijer @gijsdetermeijer , Ulia Petrova @blacklistmgmt

Editor David Gesslbauer @davidgesslbauer

Music Sansara @sansaraband feat Felix Bondarev @felixbondarev

Color grade Matt Osborne @matt_osborne_color

Color producer Blake Rice @blakerice

Choreographer Konstantin Koval @konstantin_koval_

Sound design Raga Sehgal, Markus Ffitch, Grand Central Recording Studios @grandcentralrecordingstudios

1st AD Maksim Kulish @maxcoolish

Cast Nikita Orlov @orlov, Maksim Avdeev @maksimavdeev

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