Lovely video for Eloise’s track “Who’s She” by London-based director Nicolee Tsin (previously featured here). Delving into the complexity of feeling wanted but losing yourself in the process of loving, the choreography plays into the push-and-pull of the narrative. As Tsin explains:

“I really wanted to capture this fluttery sensation of butterflies when we’re living in the surreal moment of love then of course, once that disappears, we come back to reality, and it all feels quite empty.”


Executive Producer: Jamie Gamache
Executive Producer: Connor O’Hara
Producer: Dijian Eccles
Producer: Andre Wooz
Production Company: Lowkey Films
Director: Nicolee Tsin
1st AD: Danny Rumbelow
Production Mgr: Luxmi Vijay
Production Assistant: Elizabeth Adeleye
Production Assistant: Sean Patel Gould
DOP: Ahmet Husseyin
Steadicam OP: Jay Jaramillo Gomez
1st AC: Orlando O’Mhoney
2nd AC: Aida Garcia Vega
Gaffer: Massimo Filippi
Spark: Marcello Bellini
Stylist: Amii Mcintosh
Stylist Assistant: Alessia
Make-Up Artist: Elizabeth Owen Perry
Male Lead Dancer: Jakub
Choreographer: Nathalie Zangi
Choreographer: Kane Klendjian
Film: Kodak
Processing: Cinelab
Editor: Amy Dang
Colourist: Megan Lee @ The Mill
Director Rep: OB Mangement
Commissioner: Connie Meade
Label: Harbour AM


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