Great look to this spot for Dosnoventa by Barcelona-based directing duo Marco Gasser and Fabio Gasser aka Gasser Brothers (previously featured here). “Stray From The Way” features brand ambassador Mario Paz Duque as he shares the feeling of riding through the streets of Barcelona, blending in with the urban environment and experiencing a unique connection that takes him to an almost levitational state.


Starring Mario Paz Duque, Alex De Cortada & Juanma P. García
Produced by Dosnoventa & Gasser Brothers
Cinematography: Fabio Gasser
1st AC/Loader: Joan Martínez Urango
Steadicam: Ricard Haro
Edit: Xavi Trilla
Music/SFX: Moritz Staub
Creative direction: David A. Turover
Still photography: Brazo de Hierro & Eren Saracevic
Lab: Focus Film
Rental: Napalm Rentals
With the support of Knog and Enve Composites

Special Thanks:
Laura Sisteró
Cyprien Clément Delmas
Loft Velvet
Staub Audio
Martes Studio


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