A woman embraces her own unraveling in this frenetic dance piece by director Habon Jibril. Shot on 16mm by Peter Hadfield (previously featured here), “Serpent” is a visual exploration of the cyclical nature of emotions and how they get caught in the physical body. As Jibril explains further:

“I’m interested in how feeling informs the body, how happiness can be felt all over but mostly in the chest, how anger is a bit more concentrated and felt in the head, anxiety felt is the stomach. We watch a woman oscillate between serenity and madness and back again, getting the feeling out of her body, shedding and becoming a new version of herself. I wanted the camera movement to portray each emotion as its own separate thing but still connected to one another, like each of these feelings.”


Director: Habon Jibril
Cinematographer: Peter Hadfield
Producer: Katy Maravala
Editor: Anna Catley
Colourist: Ana Escorse
Stylist: Shira Hershkop
Production Design: Farhia Jama
1st AC: Nick Petrie
Gaffer: Nick Tiringer
Composer: Linnea Siggelkow


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