Daniel Barreto’s latest animation is for Chet Faker’s track “Feel Good.” Self-directed by Nick Murphy (aka Chet Faker), the video is about a man lost in the desert who finds a tape that takes him on a fun skating trip. As Barreto shared with us:

“For the animation we used a motion tracking to follow Nick Murphy body and we placed an animation on loop of what looks like explosion of good energy coming from Chet Faker’s chest. We also did some rotoscope on top of his body in each chorus and at the ending probably more than 1,000 frames each threaded like a unique design.”

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Director: Nick Murphy
EP: Nathan Scherrer, Tara Sheree
Producer: Aiden Magarian
PM: Tori Storosh
AD: Jeff Cobb
DP: Jesse Cain
1st AC: Stephen MacDougall
2nd AC: Kyle Deven
DIT: Arthur To
Gaffer: Simon Cho
BBE: Jose Garcia
KG: Michael Moeller
BBG: Loren Corl
Stylist: Caroline Edison
Stylist Asst: Zoe Heller
Groomer: Dallin James
Animation: Daniel Barreto
2nd Animation: Julio Rey
Title Design: Ryland Blackinton
Sound Designer: Becket Cerny
Colorist: Sam Gilling
Arm Car Driver: Jeff McCoy
Arm Car Operator: Kevin Lachman
CCO / Medic: Cerra Jiana
Catering: Del Mar Catering
Production Support: Drew DeGurian, Max Hite, Jimmy Atkinson, Jake Squire


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