Five friends decide to meet in person during Coronavirus lockdown in this modern morality tale by German director Émile V. Schlesser. As the night progresses, the host becomes haunted by the suspicion that something might have happened to the elderly lady across the street — and that he might be responsible for it.


Tommy Schlesser
Sophie Mousel
Timo Wagner
Julie Kieffer
Konstantin Rommelfangen
Monique Reuter
Shayan Mehrafza
Daniel Moutinho

Written, Directed & Edited by Émile V. Schlesser
DOP: Sven Ulmerich
Sound: Ken Rischard, Jacques Fischbach, Mike Butcher (Roll Studio)

Music by
Mamas Gun
Mad Fox

Supplied by Fox Drinks
Part of Filmreakter Quickies
Supported by Film Fund Luxembourg


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