A poetic meditation on the life and music of Ismalia Mbaye by Stefano Usberghi and Giovanni Corsi. An accomplished percussion master, Mbaye’s music is a dedication to those who fight, often paying with their lives, for the respect of human rights. “Isma” sheds light on Mbaye’s mindset, where the act of creating music is the key to transform one’s dark side into an opportunity for redemption and healing.


A film by Stefano Usberghi & Giovanni Corsi
Produced by C 41
Ex. Producer: Leone Balduzzi, Luca Caizzi, Barbara Guieu
Co-produced by Marco Consentino, Jacopo Pica, Stefano Usberghi
Starring: Ismaila Mbaye & Odette Gomis Mbaye
Cinematographer: Stefano Usberghi
Editors: Mattia Levi & Stefano Usberghi
Steadicam: Francesco Argenziano
Voice Over: Jonv Joseph
1st AC: Andrea Reitano
Sound Mixer: Alessandro Di Maio
Re-recording Mixer: Vittorio Giampietro
Sound Design: Stefano Usberghi
Subtitles: Costanza Di Michele
Lab and Film Scan: Movie and Sound
Light and Camera: Camera Service Group
Special Thanks to: Lisa Bof, Ivan Brienza, Mine Studio,
Sara Pellegrino, Camera Service Group, Illmatic Film Group


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