Two teens explore their feelings for one another in this coming-of-age love story for Breagh Isabel’s track “Girlfriends.” Directed by Tamara Black and produced by Boldly, the video follows the different stages of self-acceptance with one character ready to welcome their true feelings and the other wanting to hide from it. As Tamara explains further:

“Breagh Isabel’s lyrics beautifully express a sense of longing — the desire to explore uncharted feelings with someone who you see as more than just a friend, layered with the uncertainty of committing to these emotions. This internal conflict manifests differently in both characters and ultimately takes them on the emotional rollercoaster that is adolescence, with each high and low feeling almost unbearably potent.”


A Boldly Production
Starring Cassidy Foley & Carolyn Yu
Artist: Breagh Isabel
Director: Tamara Black
Production Company: Boldly
Executive Producers: Shelby Manton, Sebastien Galina,
Kristoff Duxbury, Geoff Manton
Producers: Shelby Manton & Angelica Stirpe
Director of Photography: Jaryl Lim
1st AC: Soloman Chiniquay
Gaffer: Adrianna Hankins
Key Grip: Martin Calvo
Production Designer: Kathleen Cooper
HMU Artist: Miel Enage
HMUA Assistant: Iza Alegro
Wardrobe Stylist: Miren Valdes
1st AD: Chris Dzaka
Production PA: Max Chadburn
Location PA: Tessa Black
Background: Ksenia Stepkina, Lianne Rymer,
Sydney Kwan, Alyssa Johal, Jerome Yoo
Editor: Miguel Barbosa
Colourist: Sam Gilling
Special Thanks: SIM Camera, Pacific Backlot






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