A conceptional exploration of someone going through a breakup for TWIN’s track “Benasque” by Barcelona-based director Carles Pons Altamira (previously featured here).

“We play with gravity, the attractive force that exists between all objects with mass, but with a messy structure, so that we can get closer to the cold and solitary feeling that TWIN is going through.”


Director: Carles Pons Altamira
Production: Òrbita
DOP: Albert Bada Leal
Art Director: Lluís Campos
Costume Design: Mar Medinyà
Gaffer: Max Maltas
Technician: Marc Arroyo
Focus: Pau Ollé
Steadicam: Ricard Haro
Color: Joan Martínez Urango
Production Director: Xavier Ferrer
Production Manager: Mar Prat
Art Direction Assistant: Júlia Gaspar
Credits: COURE
VFX: Joaquim Macho
Makeup: Candela Umaña


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