Nice slow burn to this short film about friendship and betrayal by Los Angeles-based director Aisha Schliessler (previously featured here). Starring Juno Temple, “The Call” follows a young woman grappling with the discovery of a secret that changes everything. The idea for the project emerged during the uncertainty of the pandemic as Schliessler wanted to create something at a time when the prospect of work seemed unknown. Working safely with minimal resources and crew, she was inspired to write an emotionally messy story that would juxtapose the meticulously maintained aesthetic of the setting. As Schliessler explains further:

“The theme of betrayal is one that I think everyone can identify with. For an added challenge, I decided to have our actor (Juno Temple) play both roles — our protagonist on screen and her foil on the phone. I hope this opens up the film to further interpretation. Did this conversation really happen? I’ll let you decide.”


Written & Directed by Aisha Schliessler
Starring Juno Temple
Produced by Aisha Schliessler & Luke Arreguin
Director of Photography: Jeff Tomcho
Editor: Alex Ivany
Production Designer: Natalie Groce
Music/Score: Rhye
Colorist: Nathan Pena
Hair/Makeup: Anissa
Costumes: Aisha Schliessler
Production Manager: Bailey McWhorter
Production Coordinator: Katie Sarrels
First AC: Devin Keebler
Chief Lighting Technician: Brian Sowell
Sound Mixer: Ryan Carman
Sound Designer: Bill Sheppard
VFX: Ryan ZumMallen
Set Stills: Evan Parsons


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