A man and woman search for rebirth and the essence of love in this dreamy video for Tropico by director Enea Colombi.

“There is only nature, the man’s hand never seen, only in the distance: an industrial landscape at sunset, a symbol of human arrogance towards nature. The two lovers let themselves go, drag each other into the sea, a last crazy gesture or a symbolic baptism?”


Director: Enea Colombi
Starring: Salvatore Notaro, Annamaria Pieretti, Ludovica Bertucci
Production Company: Borotalco
Executive Producer: Matteo Stefani
Producer: Luca Degani
1st Assistant Camera: Giuseppe Torsello
Steadicam Operator: Andrea Agnisetta
Special Effects: Max Effects Sfx
Props Master: Giacomo Broggini
Stylist: Aurora Zaltieri
Fixer: Elia Bueloni (CESTHA)
Casting: Enrico Cestaro (PERSONA)
Label: Island Records
Commissioner: Federico Cirillo
Special Thanks: Giovanni Ficetola, Nada Mamish (Comune di Ravenna),
Andrea Scarabelli (Proloco Lido di Dante), Andrea Vetralla,
Roberto Minotti (Video Design), Alex Garelli, Sara Giannotti,
William Montanari, Luciano Giatti, Marco Mura Alberti,
Jacopo Grana, Cooperativa La Romagnola, CESTHA, COURAGE STUDIO


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