Hamburg-based illustrator and filmmaker Raman Djafari explores the anxiety and stress of feeling unfit and unlovable in this wonderfully strange video for Squid. Made in solidarity with a state of mind Djafari has often experienced himself, “Pamphlets” is about the fear of the outside world and the things we’ve been conditioned not to like about ourselves. The second half of the video is as an exercise in empowerment and a reminder of the importance of embracing our difference. In this way, the magical protagonist (inspired by the fierce voice of Ollie Judge) appears as both a person and a beast — “vulnerable and powerful at the same time, they are what I hope to be.” As Djafari states further:

“The transformation that happens when we learn to love ourselves is a detachment from the ideals of normativity. Loving the difference, that which is perceived as ugly and rotten, is beautiful. There is an awe inspiring power in this process. It is one that I have been blessed to witness in people around me and that I find deeply inspiring wherever I see it. All of these people that survive and reemerge are beautiful wonders that I admire deeply. They all are glowing in front of the sun, undeniably great and transcendent.”


Directed & Designed by Raman Djafari
Rigging & Character Animation: Barney Abrahams, Raman Djafari
Production Company: BlinkInk
Executive Producer: Josef Byrne


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