An experimental short celebrating black women who continue to thrive in a system that was not built for them. Directed by Ewurakua Dawson-Amoah, “To the Girl that Looks Like Me” is a visual poem that explores themes of self-love and self-discovery through a series of vignettes combining dance, folklore, modern culture and spirituality.


Director: Ewurakua Dawson-Amoah
DP: Gabriel Connelly
AC: Allison Cavanaugh, Kira Handel
Steady: Sam Stefan, Kira Handel
Gaffer: Dmitry Lesnevskiy
KG: Ruchit Negotia, John Anthony Mills
Color: Josh Bohoskey
Prod: Adrian Sobrado, Kevin Loh
Line Prod: Stephanie Garcia
PD: Kat Aman
Edit: Elliot Farinaro
AD: Farah Jabir
2nd AD: Jena Kaplaniak
Photography: Cherrie Haynes
Production Assistant: Patrick Knott
HMU/Wardrobe: Ramzi Shatara
Wardrobe Assistant: Amir Moverman


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