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A fun little reminder of how we’ve endured over the course of the pandemic by New York City-based director Kevin Lombardo (previously featured here):

“the main reason why I’ve waited over a year to release the film was to convey to an audience what we went through a year ago that we’ve so quickly forgotten about…present day, April 2021. it’s now ingrained into the history of the city (and the world) now so it’s almost like a timeless peak into what we went through on a macro level — personal but also universal. it’s easier to look back on things now with a new perspective, the escapism isn’t as necessary now that there’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel. I wanted to evoke this sensibility — and incorporate a light facet of satire in the process.”


Direction, Performance, Story: Kevin Lombardo
Cinematography: Patrick Golan
Producer: Tyler Clinton
Executive Producer: Dylan Shanks
Composition: Gus Dapperton
Editing: Matt Carter
Sound: Raphael Ajuelos
Color: Samuel Gursky
Graphics: John Portis
Special Thanks: Metro Post, Kodak, Max Hellerstein


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