Lovely mix of visuals in this poetic portrait of Majamaja and the Finnish archipelago by director Julien Pujol (previously featured here). A ten minute boat ride from the center of Helsinki, Majamaja is an off grid house designed by Pekka Littow. The film was inspired by the slow approach of photographer Paul Strand and the desire to express the transformative power of the archipelago — how its simplicity and vitality inspires human warmth and open a door to future dreams and possibilities. As Pujol explains:

“I wanted to create a dialogue between landscapes and portraits. In the archipelago one quickly forgets. There is a feeling of being far and disconnected yet very close to the primal. It’s a special atmosphere with a certain slowness. It’s surrounded in myth; something that lies deep in the woods, in the reflections of the water, in the sounds of the trees and traditions passed down from ancient sources.”


Directed and Shot by Julien Pujol
With Tuomas, Haliz, Pekka, Hope and Kersti
Words by Sofia Järnefelt
Music by Fabien Girard
Produced by The Film Partnership


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