A moving portrayal of isolation and the fierce bond between father and daughter for Emmit Fenn’s track “Far From Here.” Directed by Samy Mosher, the video was shot pre-lockdown and was inspired by the imagery emerging from the Australian wildfires. The narrative unfolds in a post-apocalyptic near future where the world has been ravaged by environmental catastrophe. Without nature or culture, our capacity for love and compassion is the only thing that remains to provide meaning and purpose to the living.


Director: Samy Mosher
Prod: Stadium
Editor: Paul Sabater
Producer: John Curtis
DP: Tyler Weinberger
1ST AC Karson Holbrook
Steadicam: Alvin Octoman
Gaffer: Ilya Chegodar
Key Grip: Adam Shambour
Production Designer: Ali Isaksen
Art: Matthew Capen
Art: Justin Mulry
Stylist: Alyx Cohen
Hair/Makeup: Ash Ortiz
Choreographer: Erin Murray
Production Assistant: Peter Hou
Father: James Burns
Daughter: TerraJo Wallace
VFX Ethos Studios
Colorist: Brittany Carson
Sound Design: Jack Goodman
Management: Alec Udell TH3RDBRAIN


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