An ambitious dancer trains for a life-changing ballet audition in this video for Q by New York City-based director Loris Russier (previously featured here). “If You Care” tells the story of a young woman raised in the projects of manhattan. No stranger to struggle or hard work, we watch as she navigates her life at home — where she cares for her mother — and the world of dance she shares with her boyfriend and partner. That is, until an unexpected tragedy challenges her to keep striving alone.


Director: Loris Russier
Executive Producer: Nuer Taqa
Creative director: Q Marsden
Cinematographer : Andrea Gavazzi
Production Company: Radiance Pictures
Commissioner: Bryan Younce
Q’s Manager: Brandon Payano
Production Manager: Kadi Tsang
Production Assistant: Uran
Production Assistant: Winson Zhuang
Steadicam Operator: Franz J. Brun
1st AC: Tom Famot
2nd AC: Laura Eraud
Gaffer: John Izarpate
Key Grip: Jonathon Álvarez
HMU: Lily Li
Production Designer: Autumn Maschi-Russier
Stylist: Talia Bella
Casting Director : Autumn Maschi-Russier
Vfx: Sorek
Editor: Loris Russier
Sound design: Emilien bernaux
Colorist: Dante Pasquinelli
Title card: Loris Russier

Lead Ballerina: Marsha Guirlande Pierre
Lead Ballerina: Ricardo G Barrett
Dancer/Choreographer: Sierra Christine Sanders
Dancer: Arina Ozerova
Dancer: Anastasiia Duvallie
Dancer: Jazmine Brown
Judge: David Dotterer
Judge: D’Arcy Cole
Mother: Sabrina Spencer

Extra: Patricia Valadez
Extra: Cheryl Russell
Extra: Daisy

Special Thanks to: Kodak, Mayo performing art center


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