A lullaby for the desperate hearts of the pandemic era by Brazilian director Felipe Fonseca.
Offering a visual narrative for Jovem Dionisio and Gilsons collaboration, “Algum Ritmo” (Some Rhythm) is a timely reminder that after angst comes happiness as we follow a young woman embarking on one of the most daunting challenges of life — the journey toward one’s own self.


Written and Directed by Felipe Fonseca
Argument: Rafaella Silva
Director of Photography: Henrique Thoms
Production Design: Ana Bona
Key Cast: Adrielly Faria
Music Lyrics: Francisco Gil & Gabriel Mendes
Direction Assistant: Carol Müller
Art Assistants: Giovanna Biglia, Camila da Fonseca
Adherents: Muka Prestes, Andrei Ceeze
Production Director: Eduardo Alves
2ª Direction Assistant: Ana Maria Martins
Producers: Eduardo Alves, Rafael Skraba
Still Photography: Livia Rodrigues, Heloisa Vecchio
Making Of Izadora Padilha
Color Grading: Iago Mauad
1º Camera Assistant: Nestor Grun
2º Camera Assistant: Walter Thoms
2ª Unt. of Camera: Daniboy, Lucas Baldasso
Eletricist: Marcio (Ceará)
Contra Regra: Andrei Ceeze
Graphic Design: Rob Abreu
Sound Design: Thiago Ramalho
VFX: Fernando Chueire

Ext. Scenes
Costume Designer Larissa Marques
Thayná Glaser
Letícia Efing
Cauana Stival
Hudson Bruno
Leonardo Souza

A @estudio172 production


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