A poetic short exploring the problematic discourse between a first generation immigrant and the so-called motherland by Brooklyn-based filmmaker Amaal Mustafa. Featuring a voiceover by Ingrid Safranek, movement by Demetries Morrow, and music by Iranian-born DJ Ash Koosha, “mother/land” taps into an intersection of stateless antipathy, a letter once forgotten, and the rejection of an unwanted home with what seems like hope.


Direction & Cinematography: Amaal Mustafa
Producer: Zoey Pressey
EP: Nuer Taqa
Starring: Demetries Morrow, Erica Marquez, Richard Sabean
Voiceover: Ingrid Safranek
Written by: Amaal Mustafa
Translated by: Jesus Muniz
Choreography: Demetries Morrow
UPM: Waley Wang
Editor: Olaf Woldan
Colorist: Dante Pasquinelli
Sound Design: Steph Butchko
Sound Mixer: Elliot Worth
1st AC: Tom Fenaille
Gaffer: Vicente Roxas
Steadicam: Axel Ebermann
Hair & Make-up: Lily Li & Mia Varrone

Featuring Music by: Ash Koosha
Track 1: ‘Bluud’
Track 2: ‘Bluum’
Licensing: Jasmine Salvino
Courtesy of WARP Records

Film Lab: Kodak
Scanning: Metropolis Post
Shot on Kodak Film
Special Thanks to:
Andrea Gavazzi for the lovely 416 rental
Guillermo Cameo
Nadia and Kamal Mustafa
Dedicated to my grandparents.


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