A trip through multiple dimensions of consciousness for Bejby Blue and Dalyb’s track “Do Seba” by director Ronald Wranik (previously featured here). Indulging in a mix of physical and virtual reality, the video is about hypnosis or hypnotic sleep and its connection to age regression, revivification, and effortless imagination.


Director: Roland Wranik
DOP: Marian Ontko
Color Grade: Yerlan Tanayev
Art Director: Peter Kaspar
Producer: Eduard Bartek
Production Manager: Lucia Uhrinova
Production Assistant: Robert Sebesta
Production Assistant: Daniel Petras
1.AD: Eduard Bartek
1.AC/Focus Puller: Rafael Skurka
2.AC: Rafael Skurka sr.
Gaffer: Pavel Skala
Bestboy: Branislav Klco
Bestboy: Dano Neradovic
Bestboy: Miroslav Skultety
Bestboy: Josef Jancovic
SFX: Marek Petrík
CableCam operator: Vladimir Biskupsky
CableCam operator: Miroslav Sevcik
Lift platform: Peter Beda
Generator: Martin Machac
Steadicam operator: Marek Blanar
Steadicam assistant: Lukas Pulik
3D Generalist: Roland Wranik
Unreal engine artist: Martin Stuber
Unreal engine artist: Dominik Valachovic
Motion capture & clothes: Alex Damatzis
3D models and textures: Adrian Putz
3D models and textures: Kristian Sebest
Compositor: Radoslav Zakutny
Houdini simulation: Christian Domeny
3D modeling: Matus Pavkeje
3D modeling: Roman Cech
Textures: Adam Hupka
Mixer & Master: Marko Brostl
Composer & Sound design: Oliver Fillner
Sound Engineer: Marek Rakovicky
Sound Studio: LVGNC Studios


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