An experimental short capturing a moment in time by director Jak O’Hare. Set under a bridge in the outskirts of Amsterdam, “Perfectly Flawed” showcases a real conversation blossoming between two complete strangers. O’Hare street cast Yassine El Ouardi and Mimi Bezooijen, only bringing them together for a shared moment after spending time getting to know them individually. While the two talk life and lessons, Yassine struggles to find himself amongst all the stillness and frustration of the Pandemic.


Director: Jak O’Hare
DOP: Jasper De Kloet
Editor: Dave Silver
Colourist: Jason Wallis
Graphics: Ikki Dhesi
Sound Design: Dave Silver & Benjamin Braasem

Yassine El Ouardi
Mimi Bezooijen

Music by Dream Death
Music Supervision: Steph Grace-Summers


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