Fun throwback to 90s forest raves in British Columbia! Using mediums and techniques that wouldn’t feel out of place either then or now, director David Ehrenreich seamlessly weaves together new and archival footage for Jayda G’s track “All I Need.” As Ehrenreich explains, both he and Jayda grew up in the western most province of Canada — an area known for its vast wilderness and temperate rainforests:

“Recently these 25 year old forest rave videos surfaced, and over this last year I’ve found myself returning over and over to these same videos, putting them on as visual ambience, a psychedelic yule log channel. I kept thinking about this gap in time we currently inhabit. How all the concerts and parties of the past are part of ostensibly the same bygone era. When I heard ‘All I Need’ it felt fitting to celebrate the spirit of these parties, tap into their mythos. Blurring fact and fiction, ‘All I Need’ is part music video, part anthropological study. We infuse Jayda G’s music into this lineage, a visual nod to the past while listening to the future. Huge shout out to Vancouver90sravevideos on Vimeo, who would prefer to remain anonymous, for their indelible contribution to this art project and of course to everyone who shows up in the video.”

Check out “All I Need” above and see full credits below!


Starring Summer Love 94′
Jayda G, Layla Soeker, Jess Wong

Director / Editor – David Ehrenreich
Cinematographer – Kaayla Whachell
Archival Cinematographer – Vancouver90sravevideos
Grip / Gaff / AC Crew
Selina Repole
Caleb Ford
Diana Parry
Yasmine Ross
Wardrobe – Tianna Franks.
H&M – Ashley Gesner
Colour – Sam Gilling
Animation – Phoebe Parsons


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