Something strangely mesmerizing about this visualization for Madeline Kenney’s track “Superstition” by Vancouver-based director Derek Janzen (previously featured here). While Kenney and Janzen have been talking about working together on a project for a couple of years, getting this video made became increasingly challenging as the old ways of finding willing friends to feature or assist in a production became out of the question due to tightening COVID restrictions in British Columbia. As Janzen explains:

“What I ended up settling on is somewhat of a response to my inability to safely interact with human subjects the way that I’m used to working. Instead of a photography backdrop serving as a companion to a human portrait of some kind, I wanted to see if there was something that could be said by making that object the focus of our attention. The hope is that the lack of a traditional subject reveals something through the altering of our expectations.”


Director/Editor: Derek Janzen
Production Assistant: Jessie Janzen


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