Really enjoyed “HOLO” by Wesley Banford, who shot it in California over the course of six months. It’s a skate film that feels like a love letter to his friends, and there’s a wonderfully naive spirit captured in it that makes you wanna get outside and just enjoy being alive.


Featuring Jake Hofmann, Logan Bonner, and Evan Gange

Guests: Izzie Panasci, Aaron Yant, Alex Tennison, Cyprus Blanco, Curran Stagg, Duncan Byrnes, Justin Drysen, Nick Hall, Guy Azulay, Leo Cienfuegos, Nick Michel, Devin Ballard, Wade Berner, Mel Prak, Justice Lora & Noah Fayyazuddin

Josh Mason—Opinions of an Ocean Based on Experiences in a Pool
Labi Siffre—Watch Me
Ana Roxanne—I’m Every Sparkly Woman
Josh Mason—Computer Has Been Drinking
Calm—We’ve Made A Contact But Worship Silent I Make A Whisper I Am A Sinner
Ahmed Malek—Tape 23 Track 4
Flunk—Blind My Mind
Kathryn Tremills—Concert étude No. 3: Un sospiro, for piano in D flat major

Special thanks
Jacob Weiss
Briggs Ogloff
Michelle Tsai



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