Sydney-based director Ed De Carvalho highlights the unique circumstances surrounding the Tokyo Olympics and the 17,000+ Olympic and Paralympic athletes left in the dark about the fate of their Olympic dreams.

“To athletes, the Olympics and Paralympics are as sacred as time itself. The training that goes on behind the scenes is no different. The repetitions and revolutions are like seconds that make up the hour. But, what if that clock was to stop?”

Through the sport of rowing, “Silent Without The Sun” showcases what happens when there is a break in the cycle and showcases the resilience and commitment of the men and women from the Australian National Rowing Training Centres who continued training despite not knowing if they would ever get to compete.


Directed by Ed de Carvalho
Written by Tom Sacre
Director of Photography: Casimir Dickson
Editor: Ed de Carvalho
Music: Jonny Higgins
Identity & Art Director: Wing Lau
Second Unit Camera: Spencer Frost
Assistant Camera: Tom Austin
Colourist: Tim Wreyford
Sound Design: Jonny Higgins
Visual Effects: Drew Meire
Grip: Chris Davies
Additional Crew:
Alan Bennett
Jack Hanley
Louis Brandt


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