A compelling look at Cuba’s changing rumba scene by London-based filmmaker Moe Najati. Set in one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Havana, “Uproar” highlights the complex gender dynamics and deeply rooted misogyny affecting the circumstances around Rumba Morena — a band made up of nine women.


Director & Editor: Moe Najati
Produced by Matt Cooper, Georgia Woolley.
Co-produced by Aaron Wagner
Edit Producer: Nicholas Jessup
Executive Producers: Robert Rosenberg, Nigel Sinclair, Jeanne Elfant Festa
Cinematography: Sebastian Cort, Moe Najati
Fixer & Music Coordinator: Mike Polarny
Fixer: Yanelis Velazco
Colourist: Felipe Szulc
Sound Design: Tom Ryan
Translators: Liset Alea, Fabrizio Faillace, Rhys Danino

Thanks to: Pedro Farinas, Amado Dedeu, Diunis O’farrill,
Olga Echavarria, Ramon Rodreguez, Rujaine O’farrill,
Israel Teran, Valdes O’farrill, Thairumy Chirino,
Gladis Cabrera, Rumba morena, Iulia Turcan,
Ahmed Alsabban, Basel Al Sabban, Brianna Reynaud,
Charlotte Sealey, Ekta Saran, Christine Cowin,
Audrey Davenport, Matt Pitts, Johnnie Campbell,
White Horse Pictures, Trinifold, Nomad Editing Company


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