Great energy to this short piece for Nordic cold water brand Unridden by Danish director Ian Isak of Honeytrap Film. Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, Unridden is all about exploring the raw and unpredictable nature that surrounds us as a means of finding genuine happiness within ourselves:

“Unridden wants to inspire and dress people to go outside and explore. People spend most of their time indoors in front of screens. Unridden wants to change that. And encourage people to explore the outdoors. To go where you feel most alive.”


Director & Writer: Ian Isak
Production Company: Honeytrap Film
Co-Director: Jonas Blond
Executive Producer: Malene Dyhring
Producer: Sarah Hjorth Wahlgren
Director of Photography: Jacob Møller
1st AC: Jonas Blond
Underwater Cinematographer: Martin La Cour
Drone Operator: Jakob Jørgensen
Props Master: Eva Kristine Lendorph
Production Assistant: Stinna Nagel
Secondary Copywriter: Johan Køhler
Creative Director: Asger Juel Larsen, Unridden
Creative Director Assistant: Calle Branca Andersson, Unridden
Editor: Anders Jon
Colorist: Mikael Balle
Music Composer: Simon Littauer
Sound Design: Samuel Lehn, Supersonic CPH
Visual Effects: Larsen VFX


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