Great visual effect to this video for Debby Friday. Directed by Ryan Ermacora and Debby Friday, “Runnin” was shot by Jeremy Cox (previously featured here) and involved shooting multiple takes on one roll of film. As Ermacora explains:

“The multiple exposure effect was created in-camera using a single 400’ roll of 35mm film (Kodak 5219). Using the speed control box on the Arricam ST, the film was rewound to the same starting frame for each of the six exposures, with each exposure featuring variations on the colours of both the foreground and background lights. After each exposure, we returned to a marked starting position and utilized sound cues added to the playback of the song to keep all members of the crew synchronized with Debby while maintaining a consistent pace and matching lighting changes across all six exposures that occur at particular moments of the song.”

Check out “Runnin” above and see full credits below!


Directed by Ryan Ermacora & Debby Friday
Cinematography: Jeremy Cox
Key Grip: Soloman Chiniquay
Camera Car Driver: Bronwynn Whiteley
Choreography: Neil Schwartz
Choreography Assist: Shaneekqua Woodhan, Misato Obana
Styling: Marchel Eang
Costume Design: Evan Clayton
Colour: Sam Gilling
Title Animation: SMS3D
Film Processing and Scan: Metropolis Post
Film stock: Kodak

Special Thanks to: Jordan Findlay, Suzanne Friesen, Evan Prosofsky,
Jessica Johnson, Brit Bachmann, Peter Hagge,
David Ehrenreich, Maria Katarina, @primaryimaging and @inspiredimagepc

Written and performed by Debby Friday
Music Production by Debby Friday and Big Kill
Mastering by Heba Kadry


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