South African director Paul Ward strikes the perfect balance between style and substance in this beautifully shot video for Moonga K.’s soulful track with PHFAT. Set in a futuristic world, “Who’s It Gonna Be?” explores how the search for an untainted love and self acceptance can be the antidote to the poison of past heartbreak.


Written & Directed by WARD
Produced by Nick Voortman
Cinematography: Deon van Zyl
Production Design: Wendy Fredriksson
Edit: Xander Vander
VFX Artist: Gavin Coetzee @ Wicked Pixels
Colourist: Joseph Bicknell @ Company 3
Casting Director: Hana Jayne Sho
Title Design: Daniel Ting Chong
Costume Design: Unathi Mkonto
Makeup: Alice Coloriti
Hair: Kelvin Takudzwa
Choreography: Luke de Kock
Executive Producer: Emma Lundy
Production Company: Giant Films


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