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An effective portrait of what it’s like to experience a panic attack shot and directed by Chance Roberts of MATIZ Creative for BetterHelp. Modest storytelling amid a wild fever dream, the “Open Up” concept is grounded in a world that we can relate to: a relatable home, a relatable woman, and the relatable stressors of everyday life.


James Imrie – Creative Director (BetterHelp)
Director/DP: Chance Roberts
Executive Producer: Daniela Swain
Producer: Bar Hariely
AC: Pancho Ortiz
2nd AC: Aaron Araza
Editor: Summer Spiro
Gaffer: Symeon Platts
Key Grip: Matt Cole
BBE: Erik Glode
BBG: Ali Sayago
Art: Green House Creative
Sound: Galen McCaw
Color: Dylan Hageman


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