Madrid-based filmmaker Mariano Schoendorff delves into a dystopian world where human emotions are strictly controlled in this video for Alizzz’s track “Ya No Siento Nada.” While the song lyrics tell the story of a guy who spends his nights in clubs with different girls seeking stronger drugs to make him feel alive, here Alizzz’s character is desperate for a hit of real emotions after being trapped in an Orwellian society that uses emotion-suppressing drugs to control people.


Starring Alizzz & Inés Coca
Directed by Mariano Schoendorff
Executive Producer: Antón Alvarez Alfaro
Producers: Cris Trenas & Maria Ferrer
Produced by Little Spain LA
Written by Mariano Schoendorff & Álvaro Valmorisco
Cinematographer: Carles F. Galí
1st AD: Eneida Sosa
Editor: Jorge Luengo
Steadicam Operator: Ricard Haro
1st AC: Lucía Ajúria Nogueras
2nd AC: Virginia Herrador Molina
Colorist: Júlia Rossetti
2nd AD: Gloria Pérez Moreno
Casting Director: Maia de Zan Hatch
Art Director: Leila Rodríguez
Stylist: Dav Martens
Stylist Alizzz: Alex Turrión
Make up & Hair: Alba Cordoba
Stylist Assistant: Marco Lanzarote
Gaffer: Alejandro Arteaga Blaya
Grips: Jaime Mangas Martí, Carlos Cuenca Monedero, Joseba Andión Sastre
PA: Alfonso Estrada
Production Aux: Oscar Pérez Ortiz
Art: Irene Martínez & Emile Massieu
Still Photographer: Sílvia Coca
Making of: Rafa Castells
Grafismo: Regina Coca
Props : Pigmento Estudio
Artist liaison / rep: Daniel Cross


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