A vibrant manifesto about what it means to be alive by Peruvian filmmaker Francesca Canepa. Capturing the effervescence of the time between adolescence and adulthood, “Life’s Now” explores how our lives change and the initiatory journies we take to find ourselves.


Klaudia Gago
Babac Stcloud
Marina Esteve
Ziyi Yang
Ana Bokesa
Gonzalo Herrero
Marta Levenfeld
Mario Saura Galve
Julia Cortés
Pablo Cortés
Carlos Manglano
Voiceover: Hannah Papacek Harper

Director: Francesca Canepa
1AD: Valeria Figallo
Producer: Maríafer García
Coordinator: Paula Morillo
PA: David Martínez
DOP: Elias Llanos
1AC: Alejo Iglesias
Aux: Luis Parada Casanova
Gaffer: Alberto León
Sparks: Carolina Maltese
Art Director: ysrael con y griega
Art Director Assistant: Irene
Editor: Gino Moreno
Colorist: Nadia Khairat
Stylist: Mapi Boix
Sound Design: Stereomonkey Studio, Raul Astete
MUAH: Marina Montero & MALVART
Scouters: Cati Clairac & Martin
Runners: Marta Duran, Vero, Martina Hdez


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