A lovely dance piece about mental health and the power of movement by San Francisco-based director Adam Dillon. Featuring dancer Jayden Russell, the project emerged from Dillon’s own personal experience with anxiety and panic attacks. Even after recovering from the illness that brought them on, he never forgot the feeling. As Dillon explains: “This is film is my interpretation of what it’s like to have a panic attack, ultimately to get through it you have to dance with it.”


Directed by Adam Dillon
Dancer: Jayden Russell
Cinematography: Sarah Simka Jaffe
1st AC: Rory Brennan
2nd AC: Theodore Reid
Producer: Matt Dillon
Choreographer: Jenae Willis
Choreographer: Emil J. Aban
Composer: Brian Casey Lee
Music: “This is War”
Crocker Art Museum: Houghton Kinsman
Crocker Art Museum: James Gray
Crocker Art Museum: Sara Kennedy
Rehearsal Studio: Sac Dance Lab
Production Company: AD Studios
Opening facts: WHO.INT and Harvard Medical School


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