Nice portrait of dancer Brandon “Miel” Masele by Paris-based director Loïc Phil. Delving into Masele’s story — from suburban kid to pioneer of Electro dance — the short profile captures the passion and ambition of those that have come to define this diverse scene.


Presented by Released
Starring Brandon Masele
Director: Loïc Phil
DOP: Hugo Paturel
Executive Producer: Clément Hudelot
Production Company: Meteor

Dancers: Hemedi “Crazy” Slate, Ablaye, Téo Cellier,
Oyuki Lyonstyle, Tianée Achille, HFLOW,
Marei Lévénez, Jade Bayonne, Filifrap, Oward

Assistant Director: Margot Baudiffier
1st Assistant Camera: Théo Benincasa
Steadicam Operator: Jake Russell
Grip: Dino Fey
Sound: Paul Bonnin
Location Managers: Paul Lelievre, Arnaud Mendjikia, Claude Zamy
Editor: Jordi Gueyrard
Music: Ben Samama, Loïc Phil
Additional Music: John Fleming – Big Bertha
Music Mix & Mastering: Ben Samama
Sound Mix & Sound Design: Paul Bonnin
Color Grading: Eudes Quittelier
Titles & Special Effects: Paul Bouvier
Set Photography: Erwann Chevalier
Distribution: Morgane Roncin


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