A beautiful portrait about appearance and coming to terms with one’s sexual identity by directors Lidewij Hartog and Marlon van der Pas. Told through the markings of a woman’s skin, “Keep Hope” explores the struggle of growing up in a religious household and the quest to find a place of acceptance in this world. The project emerged after the directors’ met Tamarah van Capelleveen. While a stranger to them at the time, the meeting left a lasting impression, as they explain:

“This interaction left us with the feeling that there was a deeper layer to her, which we were not really able to grasp. Attracted to this depth, we decided to create this film, that is solely based on curiosity and intuition. We are deeply humbled by the strength of Tamarah, who was willing to speak openly about her past and showing us her skin. Both entwined to tell the same story. During the process, it became clear that the film touches upon many different themes. And the creative process even became therapeutic to ourselves. We hope it will be an inspiration for hope and perseverance for others too. It is so incredibly powerful and strengthens us when we dare to share the ways we heal ourselves.”


Featuring: Tamarah van Capelleveen
Directors: Lidewij Hartog & Marlon van der Pas
Director of Photography: Lidewij Hartog
Post production: Lidewij Hartog
Music: Marlon van der Pas
Post Sound: Marlon van der Pas
Production: The Preacher, _Blank


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