The first piece from Suricata’s collaborative project, “The Only Way Out Is In,” conceptualized by director Angello Faccini, choreographer Diego Mur (NOHBORDS) and Gonzalo Rufino of DRECORDSmx. The album explores the constant tensions between desire and fear in our projections of the future. The video follows the search for a collective and personal identity through dance:

“[W]hat happens inside a Dancefloor when we, without being conscious, affect each other through our bodies and their movement. A constant negotiation and constant playwork while habitating and sharing the same space in the same moment. A fireplace of plasticity where everything happens because something happened before. Blessed be the dancefloors and all our dancer colleagues that helped us change and rejoice in ourselves and others.”


Director: Angello Faccini
Production: Violeta Films
Choreography: Diego Mur (NOHBORDS)
Exec Producer: Federico González, Alex Albert
Producer: Constanza Pérez, Ana Cardona
Cinematography: Angello Faccini
Costume Designer: Daniela Navarrete
Mask Design: Carlos Román
Editor: Ben Sebastián Sedas
Color & VFX: Luís Rojas
Dancers: Tonatiuh Saguilan, Carla Segovia, Brenda Loustaunau,
Juan Carlos Shoker, Elisa Romero Ramírez, Maja Størseth,
Ximena Robert Covarrubias, Rogelio Arrañaga Gómez,
Alberto Munguía Hernández, Fernanda Salas


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