Director Anthony Hull of Side Projects Films presents an intimate and meditative look into one full day at a Bronx Middle/High School in this uplifting documentary short. Described as “a love letter to Black and Brown youth,” Hull explains:

“Unfortunately, we live in a world where negative stereotypes surrounding Black and Brown youth in America are harmful, dangerous, and flat out untrue. This film is a protest to that very thought. With unprecedented access, we see Black and Brown youth in an environment most never get access to; being just as they are, free from reductive stereotypes.”


Director: Anthony Hull – Side Projects Films
Producer: Demetrius Beckham – Side Projects Films
Cinematography: Chiao Chen
Editing: Chiao Chen
Color Grading: Alexia Salingaros
Sound Mixing/Design: Calvin Pia
Title Design: Vivian Zhang – Side Projects Films


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