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Love the raw energy and creativity of this short piece directed by Thomas Bos of Holland-based dance collective 155 (onefivefive). The film was made in the Spanish Pyrenees over the course of three days with whatever gear 155 were able to pack onto their motorbikes. The group includes Rein Luuring, Erik Bos, and Thomas Bos — guys who grew up dancing together and shared a similar sense of humour. They are drawn to movement as a method of storytelling because “the body doesn’t lie.”

“Robbie lost two fingers because of fireworks. I ask Robbie how it feels to not have fingers. He says: not everything feels like something else. Explain to me what chocolate tastes like. I can tell you what it doesn’t taste like: not like a pile of wood, not like a body of water, not like sand. ‘Gat’ is about movement, about bodies, about a feeling. It is about what you cannot see, but what is there. ‘Gat’ is about what you can never address, but what is principally here to make it exist.”

Watch above and check out some behind-the-scenes images from the shoot below!


Director: Thomas Bos
Choreography: Erik Bos
Production: 155 (onefivefive)
Sound Design: Sam van Eenbergen
Set Design: Jakob Witte
Dancers: Rein Luuring, Erik Bos, Thomas Bos






155’s Website

Thomas Bos’s Website


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