A lovely performance of “Auld Lang Syne” by director Tyler Jones. As we enter the first moments of the New Year, “For the Sake of Old Times” opens by asking how one should respond to the memories of the past: should 2020 be forgotten?

“Folks will soon gather to celebrate, many in surgical masks, eager to leave this year behind with a song whose melody is known more than its meaning. But then what? Where does the collective trauma of 2020 go, despite the optimism that better days are magically ahead?… Now, in a strange New Year’s season of quiet refrain, the song honors a time of progress and struggle that deserves to not be forgotten any time soon.”


Allison Sanders
Carrie Davis
TaMisa Booker
Fatima Battles
Meredith Pearson
Jill Gray
Jamise French
Justin Davis
Eloise Gaffney
Ebonee Elliot
Jaxon Moore
Meliah Capers
Juilianne Chaney
Lori Rayne
Ingrid Richardson
Wisdom Bibbgs
Alton Mitchell
Ronnie Cook

Director & Editor: Tyler Jones
Producer: Mark Slagle
DOP: Sean Patrick Kirby
Production Coordinator: Alexandra K. Kirby
1st AC: Jay Galloway
2nd AC: C. A. Jones
Gaffer: Jon Champion
Key Grip: Mike Falco
Grip Assistant: Matthew Henton
1st AD: Kayla Gladney
Choir Director: Carrie Davis
Production Assistant: Thi Denerson
Audio Engineer: Corey Scogin
Recording Assistant: Nateka Scogin
Photographer: Andi Rice
Music Supervisor: Caleb Chancey
Musical Coordinator: Abigail Workman
Archival Coordinator: Jocelyn Zhou
Mix Engineer: Joel Blount
Lighting provided by Champion Lighting and Grip

C. A. Jones
Brett Adair
Sliced Bread

Special Thanks
James Kling
DeWinn Tibbs
Dr. Reginald Jackson


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