A wonderfully strange meditation on human nature by German director Ferdinand Feldmann. “The Mysterious Opacity of Other Beings” follows a detached man whose observations of a moth buzzing around a light sparks questions about what we are all chasing after in a world that is so incomprehensible.


Thilo Garus
Manfred Weigl
Yuuki Tang
Giulia Gallizzi
Salif Botz
Mateo Golisano
Maida Touagbere
Federico Brens

Director: Ferdinand Feldmann
Production Company: Studio CNP
Director of Photography: Tobias Blickle
Executive Producer: Christoph Schaller
Editor: Christian Zimmerman
Costume Design: Nelson Heinemann
Production Design: Marleen Johow
Hair/Make-up: Fritzi Feldmann, Andru Elias
Colorist: Jonny Thorpe
Sound Design / Mix: Raphaël Ajuelos
Poems: “Everybody is a stranger now” & “Conclusion” by Monty Richthofen


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