A mysterious group of people struggle for survival in this post-apocalyptic video for Ankobo + Kaboo’s track “Wakangenei” by Moscow-based director Felix Umarov (previously featured here). Following a cataclysmic event that has poisoned the air and covered the planet with sand, a small tribe subsists on the objects they find in the sand and the belief that one day a saviour will come and the air will become clean again.


Director: Felix Umarov
DOP: Andrey Krauzov
Production Designer: Vasya Ivanov
Produced by Galina Kolchina & Ruslan Bikbaev
Co-Producer: Mikhail Goglov
Edit: Kirill Khandurin, Felix Umarov
Costume Designer: Vasya Ivanov
Makeup Art Direction: Fariza Rodriguez & Julia Rada


This video was submitted by Felix Umarov and selected by our team. Click here if you have a project you’d like us to check out!

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