A charming exploration of love, both new and old, by Arizona-based director Kieran Thompson. Presented by the Phoenix Art Museum, “Wish You Were There” follows an older couple on a first date. Great performances here from both actors.


Phoenix Art Museum presents
In association with The Wanderers Guild
A Quantum Leap Production
Starring: Christine Kellogg-Darrin
Starring: Elester Latham
Director: Kieran Thompson
Producer: Joshua Gonzales
Writer+ Producer: Chris Heck
Executive Producer: Michael Bartley
Executive Producer: Nikki DeLeon Martin
Director of Photography: Jacen Sievers
Editor: Misty Wilson
Casting Director: Alexis Allen Winter, CSA
Sound Mixer + Post Audio: Nile Popchock
Costumes + Hair Make-up: Skyler Gardner
Production Coordinator: Jack Dalleywater
1st Assistant Director: Antonita Lindsey
Producer’s Assistant: Alex Gerber
1st Assistant Camera: Ryan Hart
2nd Assistant Camera: Eric Danescu
Gaffer: Kendyll Bursh
Key Grip: Noah Ward
Grip: Joseph Mbah
Set PA: Kate Parker
Set PA: Judith Castro
Set PA: Connar Johnson
Set PA: Albert Beltran
Set PA: Danielle Charlier
Post Supervisor: Teri Morrison
Behind the Scenes: Miguel Norigenna


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