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Lovely animation for Low Island directed and illustrated by Patrick Atkins. While the track explores the theme of growing up — mourning people as they move on with the changing times — there’s hope among the chaos of loss too. As singer Carlos Posada shares:

“‘In Your Arms’ is a love letter to my childhood bedroom. It’s about how objects or spaces that are important to us can get tangled up in our past and present, and how the memories and emotions they evoke can both comfort us and weigh us down. I find this to be particularly true of spaces we associate with childhood — they are heavy, often with so many contradictory feelings which complicates our relationship with them. This combination of comfort and oppression through nostalgia was at the heart of the conversations we had with Patrick about the video.”

This video was submitted by Low Island and selected by our team. Click here if you have a project you’d like us to check out!

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