Great energy to this video for Barcelona band Sandré by director Carles Pons Altimira (previously featured here). Poking fun at all the small mundanities that dictate our lives, “Presión” is described as “a cry to the world, a cry to the wheel in which we are stuck without questioning it, a spit that comes out of your mouth and ends up on the sleeve of your shirt.”


Directed by Carles Pons Altimira
Produced by Òrbita
Director of Photography: Albert Bada Leal
Camera Assistant: Max Maltas
Art Director: Lluís Campos
Art Assistant: Júlia Gaspar
Edit: Xavi Trilla
Producer: Laia Ortíz
Costume Designer: Mar Medinyà
Makeup: Bea Hernández
Colorist: Lluís Velamazán
Credits: Coure
Cast: Rosa Pagès


This video was submitted by Carles Pons Altimira and selected by our team. Click here if you have a project you’d like us to check out!

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